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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Adventures in photography

Last November, I took a trip to England and took a lot of photos. And now I'm famous! Well, sort of. And not me, but one of my photos.

I recently received an email notifying me that one of the pictures I took in Liverpool has been selected for publication in the Schmap Liverpool Guide! So one of the photos I took with my humble digital camera will show future travellers the beauty of Liverpool. At least one building inside Liverpool. Namely, the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, which is a very impressive cathedral. Especially in the evening, which is when I took my picture. According to the guide, it is a futuristic and award-winning landmark.

A link to the photo can be found at this link. My picture is credited to "thatsmrjuice2u", which is my Internet handle.

This link shows how the photo will look in an Iphone:

Finally, the customizable widgetized version of the entire Schmap
Liverpool Guide can be found at this link, complete with my photo.

How will I handle this fame. I am trying to keep this from going to my head. :)

Next time I am in Liverpool, in between running all over town seeing all the Beatles-oriented tourist attraction, I will pause at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, and marvel once more at this impressive structure. Then I will probably reach for my camera to snap another award-winning photo, and realize I've forgotten my camera. Oh, well, it will keep me humble. :)