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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

New Beowulf Movie

I finally got a chance to see this. I'll admit I enjoyed the film in the 3D format. Actually, the best part of the evening was seeing the 3D trailers for Coraline, and U23D! But the setting of the film, with the caves and everything, was suited pretty well to the 3D format.

The film itself was an interesting train wreck. Even in the midst of some strange artistic choices, I found the struggle of Beowulf against his sinful nature to be compelling. But I don't see why such changes needed to be made from the original story, as the orginal story had plenty of chances to show blood and guts and dragon-fighting. And couldn't Angelina Jolie have been over in Africa doing charity stuff or something instead of modeling the "female naked Oscar statue with painfully inappropriate footwear" look?

Then there was Beowulf announcing "I am here to kill your monster" like he's a Starbucks barista. "I am Beowulf. What would you like me to kill today?"

And the CGI people were a little freaky looking, but not quite as much as real actors in Hollywood using Botox.

I only wish I could have seen this on a Mystery Science Theater show with a 3D Crow T. Robot and a 3D Tom Servo. That would be great. Imagine the witty repartee:

Beowulf: "I am Beowulf, and I am here to kill your monster"

Crow T. Robot: "And your dialogue"

At least I got to keep the 3D glasses they handed out at the theater. I don't know what I'll do with them. They aren't red and green like the cardboard things they handed out in the days of Jaws 3D. They look like the glasses I wore in junior high. Maybe I'll save them for Halloween and dress up like Elvis Costello.