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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My updated web page

After four years, I have finally started posting things on my blog again. Now, after nearly a similar time lapse, I have updated my web page. Incrementally, not to do too much at first, as if to wear out the fingers with which I tweet. But I have updated my Circle of Trust (favorite bands and authors), have added a page of links to videos taken (by other people) at the Cornerstone Music Festival, and have created a page filled with lists: favorite albums, films, books read for each year. I have my albums lists going back to the year I was born, and the films list back to 1990, the year I graduated college. Not that this is of a special significance as far as these lists go, but it was that year that I finally purchased a decent stereo. More updates to come, when I think of them. Or if I figure out how to make a dancing bear GIF.


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