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Thursday, October 09, 2008

My reading journal - September 2008

The Dark Foundations - Chris Walley - Second volume of the sci-fi Lamb Among the Stars trilogy that began with The Shadow and Night. This second volume reads more as a war novel than the first book, which developed this world and the characters. Now these characters are beseiged against a much stronger and more numerous enemy. The theology continues to develop, showing the difficulty of man's struggle against evil and against his own rebellion, and the dependence of man upon God's divine intervention. Another strong effort; I am looking forward to the concluding volume, which looks to develop some interesting plot points that have only been hinted at so far, and to expand the storyworld from one planet to the entire universe.

The Infinite Day - Chris Walley - Third volume of the sci-fi Lamb Among the Stars trilogy. A terrific way to end the series, as the plot finally leaves Farholme and explores other worlds, and finally Earth itself. The themes this series of books are explored to their fullest potential: the natural rebellious nature of mankind, the need to divine grace from God, the sacrifices and faith that are needed to defeat evil, the need for courage to make right decisions, the corruption at the heart of man-centered political systems, and the transformation of a humble man into a mighty leader who embraces his call to lead the forces of good.


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